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We combine German engineering with process-oriented robot production methods in the manufacture of all your machine components so you can provide perfectly crafted products to your customers.

CUTMETALL develops, produces and supplies blades, industrial knives, machine knives made of materials such as 1.2379, K110, K340, 1.7131, 1.2631, 1.2767, 1.2714 or 1.2360 with pinpoint accuracy. In addition, screens made of Hardox, Creusabro and mild steel, as well as many other wearing part assemblies for your shredding machines, waste shredder, plastic shredder, cable granulator, plastic granulator or tyre shredder, no matter if it is a one shaft shredder, two shaft shredder or four shaft shredder. We offer a large repertoire of machine knives, blades and screens. We can supply you with all the wear and spare parts you need for your waste recycling, plastic recycling, tyre recycling, cable recycling and shredding machines, such as shredder blades, single-shaft shredders and shredder cutting tools. We provide our customers with customised solutions for your area of application, enabling you to optimise your entire recycling process and thus work more efficiently in economic terms. For the shredding of tyres, RDF and SDF waste, cables, copper and plastics, we offer machine knives and screens that are precisely matched to the input material. Our customers experience longer service lives, less downtime and thus enormous time savings thanks to our CUTMETALL quality standards. The focus here is on the entirety of the recycling process. At all times, in cooperation with our customers, we try to respond to special requirements, prevailing conditions and the needs of our customers and to deliver coordinated solutions and concepts. We trust in our experience, our know-how and our competences in spare parts for waste shredder, plastic shredder, industrial shredder, tyre shredder, which we can offer to our customers completely from our house. From development, testing and inspection to the production of all components, we guarantee everything from a single source.

More than just production from drawings

The original equipment service from CUTMETALL.


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All parts from
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Optimised storage and logistics solutions

If you wish, we can also take care of the entire storage and logistics for you. With over 500 pallet spaces and 3 storage lifts with 150 light storage spaces, we have created the perfect conditions for this and guarantee you immediate availability. If you wish, we can label and pack your goods individually and ship them directly to the customer. This reduces your effort for commissioning the shipment. The goods arrive directly from the CUTMETALL production site - without detours - to their destination.


All parts from a single source

CUTMETALL develops, produces and supplies industrial knives, machine knives, shredder knives and screens, as well as all wearing part assemblies and spare parts for primary shredders, secondary shredders and universal shredders, waste shredder, industrial shredder, commercial shredder, single-shaft shredder, two shaft shredder and granulators with pinpoint accuracy. Our A-Z supply solutions not only reduce your procurement complexity, but also ensure reduced assembly times through coordinated assembly fitting accuracy. Together with our product developers, our design department creates customised solutions for individual requirements and input materials such as RDF SDF, tyres, cables, plastics or wood. We reduce downtime and optimise the shredding and cutting processes of your machines.


Just-in-time delivery

As our premium partner, you will benefit from just-in-time availability straight from the shelf. Pre-picked standard packages reduce your handling operations and allow for SPEED UP deliveries.


Individual branding and packaging

With their individual branding, they make their products unique and set unique selling points by which their customers recognise their products. We therefore package all OEM parts developed and produced for you on request either neutrally or according to your company's own brand specifications. We even go one step further and can provide all your industrial knives and machine knives with your own logo in the form of laser marking on request.


Our partnerships

First-class machines deserve top-quality wear parts, technology and partnership.


Partnership through the reliable delivery of top-quality wear parts.


Just-in-time delivery reduces your costs and creates genuine added value for your customers.


Successfully optimize your wear parts supply business with an exclusive technology and delivery partnership, and benefit from more than 20 years of application know-how.


Special applications require individual solutions. CUTMETALL blades, machine knives and screens significantly increase the service life of industrial shredders, industrial waste shredders, industrial plastic granulators, one shaft shredders, single shaft shredders, two shaft shredders, four shaft shredders and other shredding machines while reducing downtimes in a wide variety of application areas, thereby ensuring exceptional cost-effectiveness. We offer the perfect product for every application like RDF production, plastic recycling, industrial tyre recycling, electronic waste recycling, copper wire shredder and cable recycling.


Production of
refuse-derived fuels




Tyre recycling / Tire shredder


Cable recycling / Cable granulator

Production of refuse-derived fuels / Waste shredder

Refuse-derived fuels (RDF) are secondary fuels that are reclaimed from waste by-products. They are used in energy-intensive applications such as cement plants instead of fossil fuels such as oil and gas. RDF manufacturers transform different types of waste into fuel, such as residual waste sorted in dual recycling systems, as well as household, production, commercial and municipal waste. The various waste types contain different levels of contamination. Companies that specialise in processing refuse-derived fuels must use process lines, granulators and shredders to produce clearly defined output material that meets customer requirements, regardless of the quality of the input material. Depending on the input material, the waste shredders and waste granulators used by RDF manufacturers must be equipped with blades, knives, knife holders and screens for RDF granulators, single-shaft waste shredders, dual-shaft waste shredders and four-shaft waste shredders, that are tailored specifically for the application.

ersatzbrennstoff herstellung

Plastic recycling / Plastic granulator

Plastics from post-consumer waste such as single-use beverage bottles and lightweight packaging waste from yellow bags and recycling bins as well as industrial and commercial plastic waste must be recycled. The recyclable materials, such as soft and hard plastic, plastic packaging and films, PET and HDPE, are very varied and contaminated with impurities. Even pre-sorted plastic waste can still contain a significant amount of impurities. Highly specialised recycling companies recycle these materials into customer-specific plastics as a raw material for manufacturing new products. A high throughput, long service life and defined quality of the output material specified by the customer are particularly important when it comes to shredding plastic. The shredding machines (plastic shredders, plastic grinders and plastic granulators) therefore require extremely wear-resistant rotor and stator knives (cutting crowns, block, granulating and flat knives) for plastic granulators, one-shaft plastic shredders, two-shaft plastic shredders and four shaft plastic shredders as well as highly wear-resistant screens.


Tyre recycling / Tire shredder

Motorists produce millions of tons of scrap tyres / tires every year. But where do all the old, worn tyres go? Tyres do not decompose and so used lorry and motor vehicle tyres must be disposed of professionally. When waste tyre material is recycled, the tyres / tires are broken down into their individual components. First of all, the tyres / tires must be shredded by using tyre / tire granulators, one-shaft tyre shredders, two-shaft tyre shredders or four tire shaft shredders. CUTMETALL supplies blades and machine knives for tyre recycling, or also called tire recycling, to produce rubber granules, rubber powder, steel and textiles from tyres / tires. In the energetic recovery or thermal recycling of tyres / tires, the high energy content in the rubber of the tyre / tire is utilised together with its significant calorific and heating value. In energy-intensive applications such as in the cement industry, tyres and their components are used as a substitute or secondary fuel. When recycled, the tyre is burned at high temperatures, whereby the steel content and resulting combustion gases contribute to optimising the quality of cement production.


Cable recycling / Cable granulator

Cable recycling ensures that old power and data cables and wires are returned back to the material cycle. The PVC, copper and aluminium present in cables not only come in high proportions, but also in a particularly pure form. Cable and wire recycling is an industrial process. Modern systems for dismantling cables and wires incorporate cable granulators, pre-shredders such as cable single-shaft shredders, two-shaft shredders, four shaft shredders, granulators and rotor shears, conveyor belts, vibrating plates and magnetic separators. CUTMETALL offers highly wear-resistant rotor blades, rotor knives, stator knives, cutting crowns, block knives and flat knives as well as extremely wear-resistant screens for cable recycling and wire recycling. The cable recycling process results in the production of pure metal granules, some of which have the same purity as primary materials (up to 99.9 %). The quality of recycled copper and aluminium is almost the same as the quality of primary raw materials. Some new engines, wires and cables are manufactured using 30% recycled copper and aluminium.


Manufacturer? Wholesaler? Both?

CUTMETALL develops, manufactures and punctually delivers a wide variety of shredder blades, industrial blades, screens, industrial knives, machine knives and all other wear parts. We focus on following machine types: waste shredder, plastic shredder, industrial shredder, tyre shredder, cable shredder and one shaft shredder. Our A-Z delivery solutions reduce the complexity of your procurement processes, while the extremely accurate fit of our assemblies makes a significant contribution to reducing assembly times.

Industrial Blades & Knives


Cutting, milling, turning, grinding, vacuum hardening and marking.
CUTMETALL Recycling Tools Germany GmbH in Eisfeld.



Lasering, plasma cutting, rolling, edging and construction welding.
CUTMETALL Recycling Screens Germany GmbH in Eisenhüttenstadt.


Other wear parts


Screws, fasteners, standard parts and small series.
CUTMETALL central warehouse in Eisfeld, Germany.

Original equipment manufacturer for shredders

CUTMETALL Recycling Tools Germany GmbH

Production Knives & Knife Holders

Sawing, milling, lathing, grinding, vacuum hardening and labelling. Using a wide variety of manufacturing methods, CUTMETALL Recycling Tools Germany GmbH produces a wide range of shredder blades, industrial blades, industrial knives, machine knives and all other wear parts for every need. Our extensive range of knives includes numerous knife variants for your recycling and shredding plant, as well as rotor knives, scraper knives, block knives, fillet knives, chipper knives and free-cutting knives, but also cutting crowns, stationary knives, press knives and substructure knives made of 1. 2379, 1.2344, 1.2360 and 1.7131. We also supply the matching knife holders and blade supports made of ST52, 1.7225, 1.2714 and 1.7131.

CUTMETALL Recycling Screens Germany GmbH

Screen production

For screen production at CUTMETALL Recycling Screens Germany GmbH, a wide variety of manufacturing methods are used. Laser cutting, plasma cutting, lathing, edging, construction welding and more. In our screen production we are positioned with a wide range of products. We provide everything around screens, screen baskets and screen accessories. The spectrum ranges from screen baskets made of Creusabro over screen plates made of Hardox to ready-to-install screen basket frames. For this purpose, we use our ultra-modern high-performance fibre lasers, a component of one of the most modern machine parks in Germany, which we can call our own. You will also get the right screen supports and screen cassettes straight from our production.


Other wear parts


In the CUTMETALL central warehouse in Eisfeld you will find all the necessary wear and spare parts for all screens and knives. All screws, standard parts, toothed belts or fasteners are in stock at our premises or are manufactured to order. Clamping bars and cover plates such as counter supports, caps and wear plates as well as sealing rings and wear rings are in stock and can be ordered any time.

FAQs - Answers to the most frequently asked questions

We are a leading partner for the supply of wear parts for manufacturers of shredders and granulators from Germany, through Europe, to the USA and Asia.
From shredder blades, industrial blades, industrial screens, industrial knives, machine knives, shredder knives and all other wear parts to the smallest screw, we offer everything from a single source.

Manufacturers of shredders and granulators place particularly high demands on the quality of the cutting unit. However, only a few suppliers meet this demand.
CUTMETALL meets the highest requirements on the market with regard to durability and breakage resistance.
This is how we inspire not only your purchasing department, but also your QM department!

A 100% coordinated service for the special requirements of machine manufacturers.
CUTMETALL not only offers application-oriented advice on the technical design of wear parts and individual logo laser engraving, but also just-in-time delivery and storage.
This way, we not only inspire your procurement, but also protect your liquidity at the same time.

At CUTMETALL we leave nothing to chance.
Customers receive knives and screens of consistent quality thanks to our state-of-the-art machinery, precision lasers and our in-house vacuum hardening shop.
And all this - through robotic production - at an unbeatable price-performance ratio.

Take advantage of our premium partnership, which goes far beyond supply and production according to blueprints.
At CUTMETALL, experts with many years of experience in the shredding of waste, tyres, plastics and cables work hand-in-hand with experienced production and automation experts.
Through design consulting and workshops, we demonstrably generate sustainable market success for your machine and your after-sales and are sure to find the optimal machine blade and suitable blade holder for your machine.

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