✓ Fabricado en Alemania

✓ 100% Instalación de alta precisión y excepcional durabilidad

✓ Instalaciones de producción altamente eficientes, incl. centro de templado al vacío

✓ Plazo de entrega de 5-7 semanas

TÜV Siegel

Maximum OEM quality
bei Messerhaltern

The appropriate knife holder is of paramount importance for optimal functioning of the machine. Knife holders are the connection between the knife and the rotor in the machine. A high quality knife holder guarantees a good fit of the knife on the rotor and ideal positioning on the rotor.

Cutmetall takes care to design and manufacture according to the application, as this is the only way to ensure optimal positioning of the rotor knife to the counter knife. This ensures an even and exact cutting gap. This in turn determines the result and thus also the quality of the end product.

CUTMETALL manufactures knife holders in different designs, materials, hardnesses and geometries. We produce a suitable solution for every application.

By selecting the optimum material and appropriate heat treatment, we maximize service life and ensure smooth and long machine operation. For special and abrasive applications, we reinforce our knife holders with wear-resistant hard armor and build-up welding.

You want the optimal solution for your application, from a performance and cost point of view? With our design department, no questions remain unanswered. Contact us, we will be happy to advise you.