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TÜV Siegel

Solutions for refuse derived fuel producers

CUTMETALL provides solutions for producers of substitute fuel and to work more economically efficient.

Household, commercial and industrial waste amounts to over 6.5 million tons annually in Germany. Further processing into refuse-derived fuel (RDF) has particularly high quality requirements in order to meet the guidelines and regulations that such recycling entails.

When shredding household, commercial and industrial waste into refuse derived fuels (RDF), various manufacturers such as Lindner, Vecoplan, Untha, Forrec, Bano, Tana Oy, Andritz Mewa, THM, Zeno, Weima offer shredders and granulators.

CUTMETALL supplies suitable machine knives, rotor knives, stator knives and screens for various machine manufacturers of shredders and granulators for the production of refuse derived fuels (RDF) and thus ensures the high quality of the machines and processes.

Since the materials have an enormous variety of compositions from sorting residues and waste, particular care must be taken during further processing to ensure that quality standards are maintained and certain guidelines are adhered to. For example, the content of certain substances must not exceed a defined limit, and the shredded material must have a constant calorific value and a uniform, defined size, otherwise problems may arise when it is used as a substitute fuel.

For this purpose, CUTMETALL offers the appropriate knives, knife holders and screens for each input material and advises the customers in order to be able to optimize the production of the substitute fuels even better and to eliminate problems. This also prevents excessive wear and tear on the machines running around the clock, for example by stopping the equipment to change the parts, which can, however, lead to a high loss of money.