✓ Fabriqué en Allemagne

✓ Précision d'installation de 100% et longue durée de vie

✓ Production hautement efficace, y compris atelier de trempe sous vide

✓ 5 à 7 semaines de délai de livraison

TÜV Siegel

Solutions for tire recyclers

CUTMETALL provides solutions to optimize recycling processes and to be able to work more economically.

The fact that around 3.4 million tons of scrap tires are shredded in Europe every year, of which around 600,000 tons come from Germany, prompts CUTMETALL to produce machine knives of the best quality so that this waste can be disposed of properly.

Since worn tires do not rot and also consist of up to 18% steel, they must be disposed of professionally. The shredding process of these tires plays a key role here.

Industrial machines such as shredders and granulators from the manufacturers MTB, Eldan, Vecoplan, CM Shredders, Columbus McKinnon, Granutech Saturn, Untha, Forrec, Genox and Ecogreen Equipment as well as the corresponding rotor knives, stator knives, rotor shears, screens and other wear parts are required for the shredding and crushing of scrap tires. The processes must be optimized and matched as profitably as possible to the materials.

This process ensures high wear on the machines, which is why the parts often have to be replaced. Here, CUTMETALL ensures functioning and economical processes with its resistant and high-quality spare parts and supplies suitable knives and screens as an original equipment manufacturer and partner for numerous manufacturers. From CUTMETALL you get all spare elements from one source.

Here our expertise and our long proven processes help to produce the best possible spare parts such as shredder knives, industrial knives and screens for any shredding machine, whether it is a shredder, single shaft shredder, twin shaft shredder, four shaft shredder or granulator and to optimize the processes economically.

This makes the disposal processes as efficient as possible and the procurement of machine parts even more convenient for you.

The fact that this recycling is extremely important can also be seen in the areas of application of the recycled scrap tires. The material recycling to rubber granulate and rubber powder of best quality is a large component of the scrap tire recycling. These can then be found again in shoe soles, seals or adhesives.

Another area of application is thermal disposal, with around 214,000 tons of scrap tires being used as a fuel substitute in various power plants. Here, the combustible elements serve to generate energy, while non-combustible materials, such as metals, oxidize completely and are used in cement production.