Maximum OEM quality
for cutting crowns

Cutting crowns, especially those made by Cutmetall, have become indispensable in the world of recycling plastics, wood, plastic and other waste. Cutting crowns are mainly used by manufacturers in single-shaft shredders.

Cutmeteall Recycling Tools GmbH is a specialist in the manufacture on behalf of manufacturers of cutting crowns in any size, shape, application, hardness.

Here you will find a small presentation of our know-how in the range of cutting crowns. It contains numerous variants, including those with countersinking on both sides, one-sided slot countersinking, through-hole threading or other countersunk holes, to name just a few examples.

CUTMETALL supplies suitable cutting crowns for various product lines from over 17 machine manufacturers

With our design department leaves no wish unfulfilled when it comes to cutting crowns! Contact us and optimise your cutting crowns together with us as a machine manufacturer. with us Cutmetall Recycling Tools GmbH.