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✓ Precisione di montaggio al 100% ed estrema durata

✓ Impianti di produzione altamente efficienti, compresa officina di tempra sottovuoto

✓ Tempi di consegna di 5-7 settimane

TÜV Siegel

Maximum OEM quality
with sieves

Machine screens are used for shredding material in the recycling industry. Material is shredded or ground in the shredding chamber until it reaches the desired size. The hole size of screens determines the size at which the material is ready for the next processing stage.

There are a wide variety of perforated plate types, materials and machine screens.

The most common materials are mild steel in low-wear applications and machine screens, as well as quenched and tempered steels such as HARDOX ® and CREUSABRO ®.

Punched perforated plates are mostly machine screens with a plate thickness smaller than 10 mm. These are used in plastics recycling and plastic recycling during crushing with mills and granulators, as very fine output material is always required here.

Likewise, there are the burnt and plasma-cut machine screens, which in most cases are installed in shredders where the shredding is coarser. Since the material is not shredded as much there, larger perforations are burned into the steel here and thus the input material is passed on to the next processing stage earlier.

Laser-cut screens represent the middle ground. This is possible with 5-35 mm thick screen plates and perforations of the same dimension. Here, the finest results are achieved with the best price-performance ratio.

After laser cutting, the screen plates are folded and rolled. With specially trained personnel and a range of special tools, CUTMETALL employees achieve the best results. A special welding process ensures that the screens do not warp even when fasteners and supports are welded on.

The result: Perfectly ready-to-install screens and happy customers.