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Solutions for plastics recycling

CUTMETALL provides solutions to optimize recycling processes and to be able to work more economically.

Due to the high number of plastic waste, which amounted to over 6.15 million tons in 2019, this waste must be properly recycled. Thus, it is more important than ever to avoid environmental damage and not to landfill the materials, but to recycle them properly. In private households alone, around 5.2 million tons of plastic waste is accumulated each year. A large proportion of this enormous sum ends up in yellow bags and garbage cans.

The processing of plastic waste takes place by means of various steps of sorting and shredding. However, since this involves a wide variety of materials and this mixture consists of hard and soft plastics as well as plastic packaging, foils and even aluminum, special care must be taken during shredding and sorting to ensure that the result of the shredding meets the requirements in order to be reused as a recycling material.

The shredding of plastic waste takes place in shredders and granulators, 1-shaft shredders, 2-shaft shredders and 4-shaft shredders. This results in high wear on the machines and the cutting tools have to be replaced regularly. However, each downtime of the equipment to change these elements costs time and money, which makes it all the more important to use high-quality and durable products in these machines.

Well-known manufacturers of shredders for plastics are Herbold, Cumberland, Dreher, Untha, Lindner, Metso, Wanner, Previero, Genox, Amis, Camec, Isve, Weima, 3E-Recycling, Franklin Miller, Guidetti, Leopard, MG Recycling, Rapid and CMB, all of which use high-quality rotor knives, stator knives, screens and other wear parts and machine knives.

CUTMETALL is active as an original equipment manufacturer and producer of heavy-duty machine knives, stator knives, rotor knives and mill knives for various machine manufacturers in plastics recycling. CUTMETALL produces and supplies machine knives that are perfectly suited for the recycling of various plastic wastes due to many years of know-how. Of course, CUTMETALL is also a consultant for the optimal recycling method. So you get the best and all required wear parts in the most different variations from one source.