✓ Сделано в Германии

✓ 100% точность установки и чрезвычайная прочность

✓ Высокоэффективное производство, высокотехнологичное оборудование для вакуумной закалки

✓ Время доставки - 5-7 недель

TÜV Siegel

Maximum OEM quality
for block knives

Blockmesser Blades

Block knives sound at first like a rough tool to chop and reduce materials of all kinds. But actually block knives especially the block knives with OEM quality from Cutmetall Recycling Tools GmbH are made for precise and a high number of crushing. Cutmetall Recycling Tools manufactures OEM quality block knives in a wide variety of shapes: Block knives are available in a wide variety of shapes and variants, always adapted to the corresponding application. Our years of experience and trained experts in the production of block knives in manufacturer quality distinguish us. We always manufacture to the same high quality.

The different materials that are required for the manufacture of block knives can be varied and the so the blockknife can be used for many purposes. The block knives can be be hardened longer and shorter and are thus suitable for different applications.

If you have any questions, please contact our design department. Thanks to our experience and our high-quality machinery, we can supply you with block knives in any shape to manufacturer deliver.